New Home

We are at our new home now. The weather is great and the apartment is marvelous. Right now, it is the start of autumn in Vietnam and temperatures will drop to bitter coldness in December. Gtg now, see you!


The End at the Beginning

Hiya guys! Ryan here, and I’ve got BIG news to share with you. On 18th of October, I will be leaving Singapore to Vietnam for 3 years. Well, the news came as a shock for me at the beginning. I cried and moaned about my friends, the sunny weather (Okay, with the exception of the monsoon season) and loads of other stuff.

I have decided to adapt to this new lifestyle. Friends, I am greatly thankful for all that you have done. To my teachers, thank you for guiding me throughout my education. I will always remember the moments we spent together.

I checked the weather in Vietnam. To my astonishment, they had the FOUR SEASONS! It’s gonna be winter soon, so we packed our winter jackets, thermal etc. with us. My new school is an international school so I will meet friends of many different cultural backgrounds. Wow…

So, that’s about all for an introduction. Follow my blog for more Vietnam updates! PS. Friends and teachers, if you are commenting, please leave your name. Bye!